Painting is my creative passion - a way for me to explore and express myself through color, texture, and form. From drawing with graphite pencils and a sketchbook as a kid, to painting watercolor zebras as a teenager and an underwater mural in my college living room, I’ve always been expressing myself through art. 

I’m drawn to the unpredictable nature of painting, the surprise that comes as pigments blend and colors mingle with each brush stroke. There's an element of experimentation that I enjoy, allowing the paint to guide me on an organic journey across the canvas.

I strive to capture how a subject makes me feel. Whether working from photographs of the natural world or purely from imagination, my paintings represent what I see through a personal lens of color and perspective. My goal is to forge a connection between viewer and painting - to invite you to experience familiar sights in new, vibrant ways.

At its core, my work celebrates the radiance I see in the world around me, filtered through my own creative perspective. I hope to inspire wonder, spark joy, and encourage connection to the natural world.